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Driver Benefits
  • Take a picture of your fuel receipt on your smart phone and submit right away.
  • Take a picture of your HOS (Hours Of Service) form and submit right away.
  • No more lost receipts or missed reimbursements.
  • No travelling to the office, no waiting, no hassles.
  • Save time, save effort.
  • Easily comply with company submission requirements.
Company Benefits
  • Compliance issues easily taken care of.
  • On time – and real-time – submissions.
  • Online storage included.
  • Monthly logs available (at no additional cost), plus control panel access for anytime review.
  • Simple cost structure with dramatic savings of administrative and clerical costs.

Our transportation app is designed specifically for remote workers that need to submit fuel receipts and Hours Of Service (HOS) forms on a regular basis. This minimizes and can totally eliminate:

  1. the hassles of travelling to the office (time, gas, car)
  2. the possibility of losing receipts and forms

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App Features: